Customizable animated widget app for ios 17

Create Animated iOS Photo Widgets on iPhone

Lively Widget lets you freely create animated photo widgets to decorate your iPhone/iPad home screen and lock screen. You can pick from our preset photo widget designs or create your unique widget from an empty canvas.

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Create your first ios pHoto widget

Featured Photo Widgets
for iPhone

Here are some featured and most used animated photo widgets on the Lively Widget app! You can create your own motivational quote widgets and photo album widgets. Get the app and personalize your home screen & lock screen aesthetics with moving pixel art now!

Create your first ios Photo widget

What Can You Do
With Photo Widgets?

You can pick from our preset pixel art designs, create your unique pixel art from an empty canvas or even pixelate your image from your album!

Upload Image
from Your Album

Add Texts with
Different Font Styles

Add Photo Frame with
Your Own Image

Scale Your Image

Rotate Your Image

Adjust the Position

Create your first ios Photo widget

Design Layers Guide

The Photo Widget contains 7 design layers. Feel free to customize your widget design to enhance the aesthetics of your iPhone/iPad home screens!

Lively Widget - Animated Photo Widget Design Layers Guide - Customizable Animated Widgets App for iPhone & iPad
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