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Animated GIFs for your iPhone Lock Screen with Lively Widget!

August 20, 2022

Animated GIFs for your iPhone Lock Screen with Lively Widget!

Lively Widget is the first iPhone widget app that allows you to add animated GIFs on your iOS 16 lock screen.

Decorate your lock screen with moving images that lighten up your mood!

For the first time, you can make your lock screen widgets move. Adding moving GIF images to your widgets is a new approach to personalizing your iPhone aesthetic. Lively Widget is available for iOS 16 and above. Up until now, over 1,000+ moving stickers are available for you to customize your Lock Screen and Home Screen widgets, with categories including emojis, animals, sports, self-care, pixel art, nature, love, quotes, etc. The animated GIF database will only grow bigger over time! One price for life, no subscription.

How to customize your lock screen widgets with animated GIFs?

With Lively Widget, it's easy to customize your lock screen widgets with GIFs.

  1. Download and install the Lively Widget iOS App from App Store
  2. Inside the app, choose the GIFs you like as your widget and set them as favorites.
  3. Go back to the lock screen and long press the screen.
  4. Click the "Add widgets" frame and then choose Lively Widget.
  5. Choose and place your selected widget type into the lock screen.
  6. Tap the widget to change to your chosen widget.
  7. DONE!

For a more detailed tutorial, you can read it here.

Lively Widget Creator Program

We will soon allow users to upload their work to our platform via our Lively Widget Creator Program. Every artist is welcome to join our creator program so they can show their work across the world through our app. You could start earning money with us when the program is live! Stay tuned!

Apply for early access here!

Lively Widget is out now on App Store! Available on iOS16+

Download now: https://apps.apple.com/app/lively-widget/id1642056665

Official Website: https://livelywidget.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/livelywidget
Facebook: https://facebook.com/livelywidget
Twitter: https://twitter.com/livelywidget