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Experience Enhanced Customization and Interactivity with iPadOS 17's Lock Screen and Widgets

June 29, 2023

Experience Enhanced Customization and Interactivity with iPadOS 17's Lock Screen and Widgets

Apple has unveiled iPadOS 17, bringing a host of new customization options and interactive widgets to the iPad's Lock Screen. Similar to the iPhone's iOS 16 update, iPad users can now personalize their Lock Screen with different font styles and widgets. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these exciting new features and how they work.

iPadOS 17: Lock Screen Customization Inspired by iOS 16

With the release of iOS 16, iPhone users gained the ability to customize their Lock Screen with various wallpapers, widgets, and font styles. iPadOS 17 now brings these sought-after features to the iPad, enabling users to personalize their Lock Screen like never before.

Exploring the New iPadOS 17 Lock Screen

Customizing the iPad Lock Screen in iPadOS 17 is a simple process, similar to the iPhone. To get started, press and hold on the wallpaper to edit the Lock Screen. From here, you can modify your current wallpaper or choose a new one.

Apple has added several new wallpapers, including those introduced in iOS 16, such as Pride-themed, Unity, Gradient, Emoji, Weather, and Astronomy wallpapers. iPad-exclusive options are also available, like the classic "Hello" and the original iPad wallpaper from 2010. Some wallpapers even feature subtle animations when locking and unlocking the screen.

Adding Widgets and Customizing Fonts

After selecting a wallpaper, you can add widgets to your Lock Screen. In iPadOS 17, widgets appear on the left side of the screen. Tap the clock to change its font and color for added personalization.

Interactive Widgets on iPadOS 17

One exciting new feature is the interactivity of Lock Screen widgets on the iPad. For instance, you can add Home app controls to turn accessories on or off without unlocking your iPad.

Focus Mode and Redesigned Notifications

Users can create multiple Lock Screens and associate each with a different Focus Mode. Due to the new layout, notifications have been redesigned and made smaller, optimizing the overall Lock Screen experience.


iPadOS 17 introduces a wealth of customization options and interactive widgets to the iPad Lock Screen, offering users a more personalized and engaging experience. Embrace these new features and transform your iPad's Lock Screen to suit your unique style and needs.