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Experience the Power of Interactive Widgets on iPhone with iOS 17

June 29, 2023

Experience the Power of Interactive Widgets on iPhone with iOS 17

With the arrival of iOS 17, iPhone users can now enjoy interactive widgets on their Home Screen, Lock Screen, and the all-new StandBy mode. Apple has showcased various uses for these interactive widgets, such as marking reminders as complete, playing or pausing music and podcasts, and controlling Home app accessories. As third-party app developers begin to update their apps, the possibilities for interactive widgets are sure to expand.

Unlocking the Potential of iOS 17 Interactive Widgets:

When Home Screen widgets were first introduced in iOS 14, their functionality was fairly limited. Developers were restricted from incorporating interactive elements like scrolling, buttons, or animated transitions. Widgets were only able to display read-only information, and tapping on a widget would merely open the associated app. iOS 17, however, allows users to engage with widgets directly for specific actions, greatly enhancing their utility.

Interactive Widgets Across Devices:

In addition to the iPhone, interactive widgets are now available on the iPad's Home Screen and Lock Screen with iPadOS 17, as well as on Mac desktops with macOS Sonoma. While these software updates are currently in beta, they are slated for public release later this year.


The introduction of interactive widgets in iOS 17 marks a significant step forward in iPhone functionality. As users gain the ability to perform tasks directly from their widgets, the user experience is poised to become more seamless and efficient. Keep an eye out for the public release of iOS 17 and its exciting interactive widget capabilities.