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iOS 16: New features, iPhone compatibility, Release date & Public beta

August 20, 2022

iOS 16: New features, iPhone compatibility, Release date & Public beta

iOS 16 and iPhone 14 Release Date & Device Compatibility

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s coming launch event for iOS 16 and its new iPhone 14 is expected to be held on Wednesday, 7 September. Therefore iOS 16 could be publicly released the following day, Thursday, 8 September. However, the new iOS 16 is only compatible with iPhone 8 or above. If you want to check out the new operating system early, the iOS 16 beta is now available to the public. We strongly suggest you back up your iPhone before downloading the iOS 16 beta.

New features of iOS 16

1) iOS Lock Screen

Apple spent a lot of time talking about its lock screen update. The new iOS 16 enables users to personalize their iPhone lock screen. You can change the clock font, font color, and wallpapers or reposition photos. The most significant update is that now users can add widgets to check their calendar, the weather, stock prices, etc. With our Lively Widget app, you can also make your lock screen more fun by adding animated GIFs to your lock screen. Lively Widget has more than 1000 GIFs for your lock screen.

2) Focus Mode

You can create new lock screens tied to your Focus modes, such as work and play, each with customizations and widgets.

3) Messages

With iOS 16, there are three main function updates.

Edit a message

Users can make up to 5 edits to a given message within 15 minutes. Recipients can see a record of modifications made to the message.

Undo send / Recall a message

Users can unsend any message within 2 minutes after sending it;

Mark as unread

Users can now mark messages as unread to ensure they will reply to the sender later.

4) Apple Pay Later

This new function is available to iPhone users in the US. Users can now divide payments into four equal payments over six weeks and watch their balance in their wallets.

5) Apple Pay Tracking

According to Apple, users can now track their orders with Apple Wallet. A tracker will be added immediately to the Wallet app for Apple Pay transactions on iOS 16, and users will be able to receive tracking information and notifications.

6) Family Sharing and Photos

This update allows parents allow them to approve minor transactions. It also allows them to set up their kids' iPhones quicker, such as maturity level content limits, etc.

7) iOS Maps

Multi-stop routing is now available on iOS 16. It syncs between devices to plan a route with multiple stops on your Mac, and it syncs to your iPhone and vice versa. You'll also be able to check transit pricing estimates and give directly to a fare card from within Apple Maps.